Stories by Juna Mallé

Stories by Juna Mallé 

The core personality of Juna Mallé is deeply rooted to the place of its conception, the values conveyed are directly linked to the emotions and feelings experienced by its creators at that moment. Lucky for you that our idea was not conceived in a meeting room with pitch decks and year-on-year analysis.

Juna Mallé was born when a bunch of enthusiastic visionaries were having a relaxing time off from their hectic schedule. Reflecting on a beach, looking at the sunrise, trying to balance their mind and body. It is at this moment when they realized that in today’s world mindfulness is a superpower that can help one overcome the toughest challenges.

That's when they decided to make a platform that will promote mindfulness, encourage sustainable business practices while empowering local communities, and find unique products with a rich background story because we believe that you deserve more than just products.


Master Craftsman

The stone cutting handicraft found in and around Agra—the city of the Taj—is one of the many legacies of the Mughals in India. This is the location of our artisan group, who created the candle holders that is part of our candle meditation set. Pankaj Sharma, the son of a great artisan, recalls his father beginning their workshop in a small room in their home. They now create a variety of stone products such as animal sculptures, book ends, idols, scent lamps, photo frames, candle holders, chess sets, and tic-tac-toe board sets.

Pankaj, 36, has mastered his father's craft. He describes the many sorts of stones and their native names: palewa stone, gorara stone, grey stone, rambo stone, and Italian stone. The majority of the marble utilised in his factory originates from Rajasthan, exactly as it did centuries ago when Shahjahan built the Taj. The majority of stone cutting and craftsmanship is done by male craftsmen.

Pankaj has witnessed the impact Fair Trade has made to the lives of his craftspeople. 8 to 9 craftsmen work frequently with Pankaj, and they now use masks to avoid breathing dust, apply safety measures, and take necessary precautions to avoid injury.

Our unique candle holders for quick trataka meditation are made by Pankaj and his team. Thank you for your purchase and for supporting artisanal handicraft.

Juna Mallé meets Damansara

DAMANSARA-Heritage of Natural Beauty. At its crux, Damansara products are born out of care. 

It all started when Thomas wanted to find a perfect blend of ingredients which would be naturally easy on the skin, but somehow most of the creams he came across didn’t feel nourishing and often had the opposite effect of gentleness that he was hoping to find.

Like the famous saying goes, if you want something done right, do it yourself. This is exactly what Thomas did.

After searching through endless e-commerce and high-end brick and mortar stores, Thomas decided to take matters into his own hands and create a recipe in his kitchen. Being a gifted chemist, which Thomas is, he perfected the recipe, being mindful of the Damansara philosophy of ‘Less is more'.

It took him a long time to come up with a simple yet effective formula. The rigor of trial and error led to countless permutations and combinations, but the hard work paid off. He finally created a natural blend that worked wonders. A blend so subtle that the skin recognizes its purity and absorbs it completely, leaving behind no irritating greasiness . After seeing the results, Thomas decided to share his discovery with the world. This is where he stumbled upon the Juna Mallé platform and realized similarities in the core values of both the brands, and without giving it a second thought, decided to join forces.

We are touched by Thomas’s dedication, his journey to create the perfect natural formulation and his sheer genuineness towards refined skin care. Damansara’s philosophy of less is more falls in full synergy with Juna Malle’s mantra of mindful living, and this collaboration will only lead to many more exciting product ranges for its valued patrons.