Concept of Juna Mallé

The core personality of Juna Mallé is deeply rooted to the place of its conception, the values conveyed are directly linked to the emotions and feelings experienced by its creators at that moment. Lucky for you that our idea was not conceived in a meeting room with pitch decks and year-on-year analysis.

Juna Mallé was born when a bunch of enthusiastic visionaries were having a relaxing time off from their hectic schedule. Reflecting on a beach, looking at the sunrise, trying to balance their mind and body. It is at this moment when they realized that in today’s world mindfulness is a superpower that can help one overcome the toughest challenges.

That's when they decided to make a platform that will promote mindfulness, encourage sustainable business practices while empowering local communities, and find unique products with a rich background story because we believe that you deserve more than just products.