Soapstone - Ground Yourself and Find Stability

Everything you see and own contains some type of energy. If you sit and examine the world around you, you will notice that some items have a peaceful vibe while others have a distressing vibration. Have you ever observed that shifting anything in your surroundings, cleaning up the clutter, or sitting or sleeping in a different position substantially affects your energy levels when you are feeling dull and low? It can transform you from being bored and depressed to being ecstatic about life. The tiny things that we overlook can sometimes be the most important.

World’s Softest Mineral

A highly adaptable stone that has been linked to humanity since humans learnt how to build tools and continues to play a role in today's modern world. Have you ever wondered why? For starters, it is one of the softest stones on the Earth. You're probably wondering what it is – it's called Soapstone. Soaprock, Steatite, Talc, Palewa stone, and other names have been given to it. Soapstone is Talc, a translucent white mineral named after the Greek word talq, which means "pure." It is the world's softest rock as per the Mohs hardness scale.

Ancient and Modern Uses

Palewa stone, also known as Talc, was important in many ancient civilizations, including Harappan, Chinese, and Egyptian. It was utilized to create legendary mythical sculptures, amulets, tools, aroma lamps, seals, and signets. For practically everything, ancient societies relied significantly on a strong belief system. One of the reasons soapstone was used so frequently in their lives was that it was easy to carve and was thought to be pure, bringing about a soothing and balanced effect to their lives. In modern times, Soapstone has become a popular material for use in the home, such as countertops in bathrooms and kitchens, and surrounds in fireplaces and wood stoves, among other things.

Balancing the Hard and Soft

Soapstone is the softest mineral known to man, while diamonds are the hardest mineral found on the planet. Why do individuals prefer to give a diamond to their loved one? Because it represents an eternal expression of their love, which could also imply that, like the toughness of a diamond, their love will be able to withstand difficult times. In the same context, giving or presenting a soaprock object to someone you care about could represent the purity of your affection towards them.

Being so versatile and metamorphic in nature, it symbolizes that change is the only constant which must be embraced. Possessing a soapstone object may also have soothing and balancing effects on the person, functioning as a grounding factor important amidst phase changes in life.

When in doubt, let the old-world stone and its timeless elegance lead you along the road of mindful living.